Australian Timbers Decking Supplies Perth

Franz Building Supplies are expert Australian timber suppliers in Perth. Whether you require timber supplies for decking, cladding, framing or flooring, Franz Building Supplies can source premium quality Australian timber for your next project.

Sourced exclusively from WA’s South West Region, Jarrah has become one of the most highly demanded hardwood timbers around the world. Its strength, resistance to rot and termite attack, and natural beauty have made it popular for a wide variety of purposes.

Tasmanian Oak is a lighter coloured timber also in high demand locally. In larger section timbers (thicknesses bigger than 25mm) it is commonly interchanged with Victorian Ash which has a very similar appearance to Tasmanian Oak, but it more readily available in the larger sizes.

Jarrah, Tasmanian Oak and Victorian Ash are stocked at our own workshop in a variety of sizes to ensure you the quickest possible turnaround times for your jobs.

Other Australian timbers that aren’t quite as common, but are truly unique and stunning to look at are:

  • Sheoak
  • Marri
  • Blackbutt (NSW)
  • Sydney Blue Gum

Check out the range of timbers available below.  We don’t normally carry these in stock, but we’re able to source them either direct from timber mills or through our supply partners.  If there is something that you like from the range below it’s always best to contact us first so we can see what sizes and lengths are available.